I am a scientist researching the processes that drive biological invasions, and the distribution and impacts of alien species. I work at the Institute of Biology at the Free University of Berlin.

I am an Associate Editor of the journal BioInvasions Records, and a member of the IUCN EICAT Authority, which is a small international team of invasion scientists responsible for the development and implementation of a new methodology to quantify and categorise the environmental impacts of alien species: the Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT). EICAT was formally adopted by the IUCN in February 2020, and we now aim to complete EICAT assessments for all known alien species worldwide. The EICAT Authority will oversee the assessment process and publish completed assessments on the IUCN website.

The views expressed on this site are my own, and do not necessarily represent those of the Free University of Berlin.